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What is Bee My Guest?

Bee My Guest is both a platform and a community. We are the creators that generate the content that humans consume daily. We are the small businesses that help drive the world economy, we are the young entrepreneurs that are building Youtube brands after school, we are the retired parents selling crafts on Etsy, we are digital nomads writing about our adventures…

We are brand owners, content creators, and networkers. 

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Why Join Bee My Guest?

To put it simply, we help creators collaborate with other creators to generate buzz.

  • Request for Guests (RFGs) help connect brand owners with content creators. Our RFGs help save hundreds of hours scouring the internet trying to find opportunities for Public Relations (PR) or media outreach. Want to learn more about how Request for Guests work? Click here to see our tutorial

  • Looking to build a community? Start by creating your own ‘Group’ to begin collaborating with like-minded creators

  • Simply looking to network? Your profile is like a resume, except more powerful! Add projects that you have worked on, writing examples, videos, audio files and more

If you’re a creator, we’re sure you’ll benefit from our platform and community.

Bee My Guest’s Impact on SEO

High Search Engine Optimization (SEO) scores can generate a lot of buzz for a business, and a lot of buzz can generate a high SEO score. In order to generate buzz, you need to create compelling content that viewers want to ingest and have it shared on many channels.

One way to do this is by leveraging your network of like-minded creators to make guest appearances on their platforms guest blog posts, podcasts, youtube videos, etc.)

To learn more about SEO and how Bee My Guest can help improve your score, check out our blog feature “How to Rank Higher Using SEO”.

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Community Reviews

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Amazing Community

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Los Angeles, CA

This is the Best Social Network ever!

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Mark Valentine
Long Island, NY

Incredible Design!

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Nicholas Grissom
San Francisco, CA
Bee My Guest


There is no such thing as knowing to much about a topic, check out our educational content in the blog section of Bee My Guest.

Search Engine Optimization
How To Rank Higher Using SEO

Ranking higher on search engine result page doesn’t happen overnight. It takes time, a lot of consistency, dedication, and hard work. Especially for websites owned by individuals. Bearing the full workload of optimizing your website, while trying to track your website could prove tiring. But, there is good news. If you do create a little time, and you apply the steps provided in this article, slowly, but surely, your website’s ranking will keep soaring higher, and higher till it stands on top of your niche.

How to Build and Monetize Your Brand Online
How to Build and Monetize Your Brand Online

Like every other process that yields great results, building a brand online with a strong online presence takes time. The good news is monetization does not. If you have taken your time to build a strong and loyal brand following, it becomes very easy to apply these monetization techniques and to start making passive income instantly.

Link Building in SEO

To simplify this process for individuals, businesses and creators, here at Bee My Guest, the uncertainty is taken out of the picture. People can post requests for guest posts, or guest interviews—podcast interviews, or youtube interviews, and any member of Bee My Guest can reply with the value they can bring.

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